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Jan 12, 2002
Sat (8.30)

We only gained 3 points from our last 3 matches, drawing them all against Parma, Como, and Inter. However, I believe our last game against Inter showed that we have improved alot and there is still room for better. Tudor,Salas, and Zambrotta should be back for this match, while Conte serves a one-match suspension and Treze needs to rest his knee .. he is expected to be back next Tuesday against Feyenoord.

Udinese .. they hold sweet memories for Juve, as we won the Scudetto last term in their own Fruili stadium !! Anyway, veteran Roberto Muzzi is back for them and he may have something to prove for Juve .. a sidenote on Udinese: all of their goals where scored in the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half .. so, we better be careful during that period :)

Forza Juve !! We better win and hope the other big guns slip-up !!


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Jul 17, 2002
Hmm...another Bianconeri. :undecide: In 3 days, Juve meet 2 Bianconeri teams:D;) but it's time for us to WIN!
It's time for our front line to wake up!:stuckup:
Anyway, Ale DP has scored 7 goals against Udinese so far...well, I hope he'll score again ;) :)



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Dec 31, 2000

Love your optimism, Tom :D


Jul 15, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++
I go for a 1-0 homewin, totally undeserved and sealed with an ADP penalty in the 97th minute
Add 1 more goal and my sentiments are shared.


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Jan 12, 2002
C'mon .. we're not that bad .. we were the better sides against Inter and Newcastle .. we played excellenetly .. but our forwards had an off-night, that's all .. I believe we'll bounce back with a 4-1 drubbing of Udine !!


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Feb 18, 2001
IMO we should rest DP; we have some pretty tough matches coming up in CL and he has to fill his batteries a bit. Udinese are not thát hard of a nut to crack, besides it's about time we show the rest that we can win even without Dp.

Forza Juve!


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Jul 23, 2002
Our tactis differ in the CL(more cautious rely on couter attacks but we didnt against Kiev?!) and serie A( more positive and attacking, last week Inter were the team playing on the counter) Anyways Ive made my mind up, ZALA should start with Piero! His strength is a big big plus and Dp can play off him! eg.Kinda like Vieri and kallon in the Ipswich match last season! Hopefully I'll join u guys for the match:cool:


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Sep 21, 2002
del piero have to rest IMO becaue we have the important game of the season meanwhile in thursday, and if we won't win feyenoord we will get in trouble!!

i have some perfect memories from matches against udinese like scudetto last yeat, but before two years we lost to udinese at home!!! so i hate matches against udinese, they are troublemakers


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Jan 12, 2002
The day after the away match against Newcastle, Juve has already turned the page, like it always does. There’s a match every three days and there’s no time to be happy for a victory, or even sad for a defeat. We should analyze and understand the mistakes done and start straight away thinking about the future.

And Gigi Buffon is the symbol of this philosophy: just a thought on what happened at St.James’ Park and then, straight, to the matches against Udinese and Feyenoord. “We’re sad for the defeat in Newcastle. The goal I conceded? I wasn’t perfect in my action, that’s for sure. I’m not looking for excuses. The ball had a strange trajectory and it slipped away between my hand and the pitch. I’m sorry, above all, because I’m living a good moment. Unfortunately it may happen to make such mistakes every 15 matches”.

Buffon, apart from the unlucky episode on Griffin’s shot, played another excellent match and now he’s ready for another one, in case of necessity, in the next two matches. On Saturday evening Udinese will arrive in Turin and the International goalkeeper can’t avoid to think about the great penalty saved last year against Muzzi.

And on Tuesday it will be Feyenoord’s turn: “We want to play a great match against Udinese, so we’ll be in the right mood to face the Dutch team. In four days we’ll have to do a full-immersion of concentration”.

The aim, obviously, is to gain two victories. To start again the run in the Serie A and to reach, mathematically, the Champions League’s next round. But also to give a big present to a friend that in this period has been very close to Buffon: “We are in the situation to play well, especially in Champions League. Yesterday’s defeat of Feyenoord in Kiev may have helped us. If we play like we’re able to do I think we can do it. And if we go through the next round one match in advance it would be beautiful if in Kiev could be Chimenti’s turn. It happened also last year and Antonio deserves it because he helped me a lot in this period”.

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