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Dec 23, 2002
Hope we can win! We will play at home, Tacch will come back to the starting-formation!
By the way, when will DP come back??????????????
And will he play in the "FINAL" against Deportivo???????


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Sep 3, 2002
If we want to win this match, we should let play pessotto instead of the experiment zambrotta. Ok Lippi, very interesting, it was a very good idea, but now let Pessotto come back!


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Dec 7, 2002
i dont think we will make it... vieri is on the run and will give inter the 3 points. and after the 0-3 loss at Delle alpi i dont think the players are on a great mood or what u call it.

i think we will get 1 goal on penalty. 1-2 to inter :'(


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Dec 23, 2002
Man, don't be so negative! I think we lost because those players, who made those mistakes played their first game after the flu! Give our players some time! Remember how great we played before the flu?????? That will come back!
I hope Lippi gives Montero out, and brings Iuliano! He and Ferrara know each other very well, and that could be better! I think Zambo just had a bad day! He played on the left so good, don't say after so many good games, that he sucks after one bad game! Everybody can have a bad day!
I also hope that Tacchi comes back!

My Line-up:
Thuram, Ferrara, Iuliano, Zambrotta
Tacchinardi, Davids
Camoranesi, Nedved, Di Vaio


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Jul 12, 2002
We need to fight back, and we need to do it in this match. If we fail against the Interisti we will have ruining much of our fine work in the CL and Serie A in two matches.

I believe we will win.
Aug 20, 2002
I think we can pull our selves out of this bad situation and hopefully get a result against INter as they have not been that convincing lately they get results but dont play well so i think we can get a result. I also must know if DP will be back for the clash with Depor he has a score to settle with them if i remember rightly a missed Pen i believe.


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Feb 18, 2001
I don't agree. Of course Dp's crative touches are always welcome, but I don't think we had trouble with creating chances last night. We lost the battle in the midfield and sucked at defending.


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Jan 11, 2003
Lets hope juve can win against inter, i HATE INTER, but i even hated MAN UTD more. So please make me happy.

BTW when does DP return`?


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Dec 16, 2002
If we play like we did against Man U then Inter should beat us 3-0, they are every bit as good as Man U if not better. (3-0 Barca defeat was a freak result just like ours).
However, I doubt the team will play that bad again, and considering our great record against Inter at the stadium, we should win the game.



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Oct 30, 2001
Alex has a good two weeks to recover yet, so GET OFF HIS BACK!

I would drop the useless Zambrotta, not only to the bench, but all the way back home, yes! he can be dropped from the squad!
We should IMO play Pessotto at left back, Iuliano and Montero at centre back, and Thuram right back.

Tacchinardi in front of the back four, with Camo, Nedved and Davids in front of him. The front two should be Trez and Di Vaio, or maybe Di Vaio and Oliveira as a support striker

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