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May 23, 2011
And Vidal was abysmal and lost us the CL final :agree: Your opinions are shit, we've known that but the fact that you call Cancelo a pace merchant when he relies on passing and dribbling rather than running beats it all.

Enjoy MDS crossing and defending, donkey
I see you are playing retard to a perfection. I have never said half the things you mentioned. Also the fact that you get annoyed by someone's posts and make it personal tells a lot about you. Not cool, bro. You should chill a bit.


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Jun 20, 2018
Let's hope danilo works out.
For those of you who forgot that this dude was benched by mds in our most important match of the season, please stop calling him wc.
Could you imagine dani Alves being benched by mds? Maybe in crouches.
Also he didn't improved one bit from previous seasons. Both transfer numbers are inflated as hell.

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Apr 16, 2017
No, bald fraud needs him so they can finally play proper 352/343 formation, he desperately needed Dani alves type of player who can break through the enemies defensive line for 90 minutes, while at the back the will have Mendy -Zinchenko - Laporte - Rodri - Stones - Walker to take care about the counter attacks
The bald fraud has average 3 titles per season in last 10 years.

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