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king Ale

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Oct 28, 2004
Ale celebrating the goal with that dreadfully sad look on his face was the only thing I can't get over yet. He was the one who took the ball out of our goal to put it on the center spot after Inter's goal. I love this man.
May 22, 2007
"If when he said that he was referring to his life in general with Juve, then it’s only right he has nothing to envy Inter.

“Unfortunately he never won the Ballon d’Or, but he did everything else with the Bianconeri.”

i believe he was actually complimenting Alex and the media jumped on it and made it sound like he was insulting him. If any other manager said it then it wouldnt of been twisted.
Totally agreed. THAT WEBSITE are just trying to be clever.

king Ale

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Oct 28, 2004
I have a question, how far do you think the human wall will be the next time Alex gets a free kick?
For Ale's second freekick, that stupid joke called Farina measured the distance by his goddamn steps. For a referee of his experience I can't believe he'd measured it wrong.

Seriously, that was one of the worst referring I've seen this season. Many bad calls, many incidents in which he could've let the match go on by a prompt advantage, a debatable red card and I'm also not sure if Inter's counterattack leading to their goal hadn't been started after a foul on one of our players.

I obviously don't justify our tonight's miserable performance. Inter was definitely the better team and deserved to win this match but that jackass Farina needs to be shot in the head, at least in the legs for those awful measurings.


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Apr 15, 2008
Anyone noticed when Inter scored on counter attack from where Del Piero came running?
I thought the work rate from Alex today was very good, even if the end results weren't apparent. The fact that he was the one substituted for Giovinco was disgusting... we were in need of a goal, only had one creative player on the pitch, and instead of adding a second, our genius manager removes Alex.



Mar 6, 2003
ranieri is afradi to field attacking players because he knows that with our bullshit defense we will get a goal against. But the funny part is that he just knows to play for not losing.... not to play to win.

When the situations call it...and we need to have some attacking formation to go for the goal...... he get scared as hell and take out on striker or the player who is playing the best...for another attaking one...instead of taking a defensive player which is not contributing to the cause..... all of this because he is more worried about not conceding than to scoring a goal..even if we are1 or 2 goals down.

IM not talking about today´s game... but ingeneral he is always like that.


Dec 17, 2007
Anyone noticed when Inter scored on counter attack from where Del Piero came running?
thats the first thing i noticed, and to all those who have bad mouthed him lately look at it, this mans work rate is amazing. he was there before everyone else besides one of our defenders i believe it may have been legro. this shows you how much he wants it. how hard he works for our team.

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