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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by fred weasley ] ++
load of crap.:groan:
what do you expect from him,he's the teams goalscorer and playmaker and for your info he scored 24 goals(less with one goal than RVN)and created 19(more with 15 than RVN)and he was the best player in the EPL,and lets not forget the top scorer of the confederations cup,so he led France to that championship.

although in Nedveds case he may be better than Henry,but RVN is definetly not.
Who gives a rat's ass how many goals he created, he did not score more than Rvn and he certainly did not win the league , did he?
Man united would never have qualified for Cl's spot let alone won the league without Ruud's goals
He has now scored 28 cl goals in 30 matches equalling Denis Law's record who scored 28 in 33 but Law did it in 8 years , it only took Ruud 2 years to do his

Ruud's job is not to assist, it is to score
And Henry is not Arsenal's playmaker, it is Pires and Bergkamp

From January to may when it really matters in Epl , how many goals did Henry score? Now go and compare it to Van the man and you would see why I and many neutrals believe he was the man last season


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Dec 29, 2002
I'm quite sure that Henry would get the award. He is one of the best players right now and although he didn't help Arsenal to a big success, still his name seems to be very highly regarded. Comparing to Zidane? well...in some ways,not in terms of talents and abilities, Henry is more sensational and outstanding.

Ronaldo???? Fifa might accidentally put his name in and was too embarasssss to admit that they made a terrible mistake.

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