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Killed By Death
May 23, 2010
Group 1

Juventus vs Barcelona 1-2 (Villa x2, Elia)

Valencia vs Benfica 1-4 (Gaitan, Cardozo x3, Pablo Hernández)

Paris Saint Germain vs Arsenal 2-1 (Walcott, Pastore, Gameiro)

Group 2

Real Madrid vs Napoli

Manchester city vs Chelsea 2-9 (Drogba x6, Lampard, Agüero x2, Torres x2)

CSKA Moskva vs Bayern Monaco 1-2 (Muller x2, Doumbia)

Goal scoring table will be posted during the weekend.

Important: game should be played at 7 minutes per half using online squads.


Jul 28, 2011
W00dy spanked me today

Forgot scorers, was to depressed after that thrashing:delpiero:
Thanks dude, you remember the first mins, where Aimar shot then it hited the gk, came back to Aimar, there was a free goal. Then he tries to make a bicylekick. And he didn't even hit the ball :sergio: :lol:


The Dutch Touch
Aug 17, 2007
Alright Marcello, let's roll! I should be on all day today, because I'm ill in bed and ehh.. recovering using the playstation? :D

I'll be on during the weekend aswell, though I might not be on tomorrow evening. I should be here Sunday. Just let me know what suits you best, we can also play after the weekend if you want.

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