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How many Goals will Pipita score this season in all comp?

  • 0-5

  • 6-10

  • 11-15

  • 16-20

  • 21-25

  • 26-30

  • 31-35

  • 36+

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Sep 1, 2017
Higuain spent 6 months at Milan and then was shit for the next 6 months at Chelsea. He’s finally recovered now.

Bonucci spent 12 months at Milan and was shit for the next 12 months at Juve. Looks like he’s recovered now too.

My conclusion is that for every month you spend at Milan, it takes one month to recover. It takes time to wash the Milan out of your system.

De Sciglio spent 6 years in Milan’s first team. Who knows, maybe by 2023 he’ll finally have recovered and MDS will be the best fullback in the world.

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