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How many Goals will Pipita score this season in all comp?

  • 0-5

  • 6-10

  • 11-15

  • 16-20

  • 21-25

  • 26-30

  • 31-35

  • 36+

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May 11, 2005
Superb attitude, he was excellent today.

I'm all for keeping him if he keeps it up. He knows the new system, his attitude is great, his movement is excellent, he is a top finisher and I think he can form an interesting partnership with Ronaldo. Outside Kean he is the only striker who really tries to get in behind.

The big argument to sell him is to cash in while we can. But it doesn't seem like we are going to make a gain on him and are likely to blow the cash on Icardi (who I think is far less suited to what we need/has issues). Seeing as he wants to stay we should see if he will compromise on his salary.

As much as I really like Mandzukic, I think under Sarri he may be the better option to sell.
Jan 22, 2016
He has been a WC striker all his Career until last year. One bad year doesn't make him an absolute trash.

Seems like he is determined to get back to his old form and showing a lots of efforts and positive attitude already, besides he knows Sarri's system better than anyone else in the team.

I would gladly keep him and sell Manzu instead.no need for Icardi either.

Let's buy another mid with that money


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Apr 17, 2008
Yeah the thing about Mandzukic at CF is that he has never been a reference in build up with his back to goal. He played that role perfectly as a hybrid winger but as a CF it's a different story. He's there to head in crosses and that about it. Ironically, he was even more dangerous doing that in the hybrid winger role. He was able to sneak in at the far post. When he plays centrally he's double marked the whole time and the element of surprise is lacking.

Higuain, when he has confidence, can move around less predictably and links up with his team mates. I just thought he was too fat, slow and lacking in confidence to make a comeback.

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