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How many Goals will Pipita score this season in all comp?

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Jun 23, 2011
For me he can train all he wants. He's a good player but does not have the mental strength to ever have become a WC player. He is very good and if he would have had the mental strength to cope with e.g. pressure he would probably never have left us. Thus, he is not someone to rely on and why he (from me impression and not based on stats) rarely impacts big games. Even with Sarri, if I had to chose between Mario and Higgy, I'd pick Mario every day. Mario has the mental strength but lacks in technical aspects - nevertheless Mario is obviously a great player. Given that either will have a bench role I'd prefer Mario because he offers something different, can have a STRONK STRONK impact on big games and give space to e.g. Costa, Dybala, or Ronaldo.

Going forward... Sarri rarely rotates. To me it seems like he will play Ronaldo as a striker. I want Keane to stay and get playing time, what little will be left for rotational players. I would therefore sell both Higgy and Mario in order for Keane's growth to continue. With another coach I would have kept Mario...


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Aug 7, 2011
For Higuain, I dont think the situation is the same with Inter with Icardi. We only need to sell somebody because our Wage Bill would be huge after signing Ramsey, Rabiot, and De Ligt
I prefer Higuain than Icardi for sure

If he really hire Personal Trainer, It really shows his motivation. I expect he will be in great shape this season and prove the doubters wrong


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Jul 15, 2002
If he turns up in great shape and is fully motivated than I would favor that over Icardi. But remember, he is costing us a lot in amortization and wages so he would need to be a starter essentially and I am not sure that would be guaranteed especially if Sarri wants to have Ronaldo as his center forward.

In P&L terms, Higuain is costing us ~33m a year with close to no residual value (2 years left on contract and getting towards the end of his career).

Icardi would cost us less than that if we paid less than 60m for the transfer.

Honestly though, the best case scenario would be to convince him to move to Roma or another club or accept a sizeable pay cut. But I would avoid Icardi if possible and look for another promising striker while keeping Kean and use the GOAT as our main striker.


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May 29, 2005
Juve fans call for Higuain stay

By Football Italia staff

Juventus fans have called for Gonzalo Higuain to stay at the club after he arrived for his preseason medical.

Higuain was included in Maurizio Sarri’s first training squad on Tuesday, and he checked into J Medical the following morning.

It was there that a group of Juve supporters made no secret of their desire for the striker to be retained.

“Stay with us, Gonzalo,” was one of the chants that could be heard.

The 31-year-old appeared to be on the scrapheap after failed loan spells at Milan and Chelsea last season.

Roma are keen to take him, but his agent-brother is adamant he will not play for another Italian club.


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Dec 9, 2009
He's always been thinning whilst he was here, you could tell really badly at Chelsea, especially when he was sweating
3 years have passed since he played for Napoli and while playing for them there was no visible sign of balding. Basically, it took him only 3 years to go bald from having normal hair.

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