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Pipita for 94 mil, yea or nay

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Jul 13, 2002
Please tell me it s not true!!!

This is the first time Juve has a news with big name player and I hope it s not true!!!

95 mil is too much for this guy.

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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
And even if we sign an amazing midfielder or two. They're going to need time build something.
Exactly, which is fine we have time for Serie A, we just crippled our only two already weak competition Bayern style. But this is a club that talks all the time about winning CL, and we weaken ourselves big time in midfield? Litterally have no time to start over like this...


Release clause?
May 22, 2009
Other than selling players, how are Juve going to recuperate €94 mil dude?
One way is that we are in a unique position regarding TV money pool in the Champions League. If we go far and Napoli+Roma don't we get a massive amount. The last few years we've been the team that has made the most money out of the Champions League.
And the year we got to the final, we made even more money than Barcelona, way more actually.


May 11, 2004
It's sad. Pjanic has quality to remain the high standard, but Pogba and Vidal were great both offensively and defensively, which made our team most dynamic midfield in the game. Now we have what? Injury prone Khedira, 30 year old Marchisio that's gone remainder of year, and besides Lemina a bunch of scrubs we can't truly rely on? Sad sad state of affairs from arguably best midfield to this state.

We needed a player or two more to add steel and quality with Pogba here since our two other starting quality CMs are croaked, but without Pogba our midfield will become alarmingly fragile.
I got stick for saying that a few days ago


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May 11, 2005
Good player, terrible attitude and crazy price (if true).

I don't have any doubts if he comes he will score plenty of goals, I hope we can sort our his attitude though.

Going to be very risky if we are to sell Pogba and rely on Pjanic straight away. It often takes guys a few months to settle and I think Pjanic could be one of those players. With Marchisio out and a difficult start to the season I hope our midfield can get up to speed.
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