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Jan 15, 2015
workers are so so interested in green infrastructure to save the planet :agree:

Just as the soviet union was interested in LGBT rights and arabs are in human rights

These American leftist elites :lol:


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Mar 16, 2004
And if it was up to people like the orange shitstain you voted for, we’d just let a couple million people die of this, for the good of the stock market. :baus:
AOC's eternal lockdown and war on humans would kill much more than that. ;)

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That wasn't her point, not even close. It's only natural, however, that a cult member like you would miss it ;)
Then what was her point - other than she doesn't understand economics? Oh wait, the retard deleted her own post, guess she got some heat for it from reasonable people who actually have jobs, unlike her leechfuck ilk. ;)


Apr 16, 2017
@Snobist did you end up shorting the aus $, it made nice dip over the last month
I did some trades with Aud and Gpd it went quite good. But i made more money with Crude Oil, i earned when it bounced back before Opec Meeting from 21 to 28 (Euro), then the other day from 21 to 14. It sucks I was a sleep and couldnt use opportunity to buy when it fell to 6.5 Euros.

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