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Aug 13, 2013
My future is clear and defined. This beautiful and very long experience with Juve will come to a definitive end this year.
“Either I stop playing, or if I find a situation that motivates me to play or have a different life experience, I will take it into consideration.
“I feel I gave everything for Juve. I have received everything and more than this cannot be done.
“We have reached the end of a cycle and it’s right for one to remove the disturbance.


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Mar 6, 2007
What does he mean with "remove the disturbance"? Mistranslation?
Yes. Informally he said "tolgo il disturbo" which translates to the above but I would consider it something like "take my leave" in English. In a roundabout way it kind of means the same thing, i.e. he knows when it is time and doesn't want it to be an issue.

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