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Apr 14, 2013
You seriously think Romagnoli is better than Bonucci?
I wouldn't mind selling Demiral and getting Romagnoli though.
I do. Bonucci at his best is better than current Romagnoli, but he's past his best and Romagnoli is still going to get better imo, especially if he makes the next step to a better team

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Put him in there, though I'd prefer a loan for him to get playing time for a year or two before Chiellini retires


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Aug 13, 2013
this is why i advocate for a ban for osman. one day i well be mod and it will happen
What a perfect example of a real human reaction. Immediately blaming the person who insulted you pushing the other down by throwing existing but mostly non existant flaws in there face.


Jul 27, 2015
I’m sure he’ll stay another year with us if we offer it to him, and deservedly so, we better keep him around for as long as he still feels and looks up for it, did fairly well whenever called upon.

Also it’s nearly impossible to find a cheaper or better alternative to him as a back-up atm.


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Jun 12, 2005
goalkeeping is like 50% communicating and organising your team in front of you, in fact it gives confidence to the players around you that you're given assurances from the back. Buffon clearly does this well as he's the most vocal on the pitch more so than Tek. Not to take anything away from Tek I do like him but it seems apparent his communication skills is somewhat lacking.
You get these bang average goalkeepers who are getting plummeted during the 90min and everyone says he’s class. Concentration levels especially for a keeper that plays for top teams who have virtually nothing to do for 90% of the game has to be spot on when called upon. As much as he’s pony with the ball at his feet his level of concentration is spot on. Will be so missed.

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