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Aug 27, 2010
He's full of shit because you don't like his Instagram posts?

P.S. 99.9% of the stuff on Instagram is BS
Was refferring to FB, Im too old for Insta. Anyway dont get me wrong I love the guy and im completely aware its not him who is posting all these messages, but its annoying when u see ad from Buffon account every other day. When u add pictures with him hugging with Dani Alves then its an overkill for me


Jun 17, 2011
Buffon: 'Juve did not need me anymore. Verratti worth the same as Neymar'

PSG goalkeeper, who left Juventus after 17 years at the club, spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport, starting from the impact Paris made on him.

"I am in love with Paris, but not for a particular place. I like the wave of energy and positivity that transmits the everyday life of Paris. As a tourist you do not perceive it," he said.

"Neymar and Mbappe? Even for them, it is stimulating to face Gigi Buffon. I think I always had the good fortune of training with great champions throughout my career. It is not a big deal, but the confrontations with the best made me strong.

"Neymar has incredible vision. But now that I see Verratti every day, I assure you that he is not inferior. In terms of filtering passes, Marco is worth the same as Neymar. It is no coincidence that 80% of the balls are played between them, Mbappe is a force of nature.

"Tuchel? He transmits incredible empathy, a great serenity, not like some coaches in Italy who prepare training as if they were in nuclear laboratories. He is very well prepared.

"PSG-Juventus in the Champions League final? No, because I do not want my joy to be conditioned by the tears of my former teammates and fans. I deserve full joy. If I have to face Juve, better before the final. They are among the three favourites.

"Juventus regrets? No, not at all. The club and I have planned together, for a long time, a farewell route that has closed the circle in a perfect way. It was closed there, with the complete satisfaction of everyone.

"More absurd to imagine Juventus as champions without Buffon or a champions Buffon without Juventus? Definitely a Buffon without Juventus is more absurd because Juve's history is much bigger than me and they can win without Buffon," the goalkeeper concluded.

I miss him :heart:
Nov 25, 2005
Love Gigi to death but can we remove the word 'Capitano' from the thread title?
C'e solo un capitano!

PS also in Italian, when the title "capitano" is followed by a name, it becomes Capitan Buffon/Del Piero etc.

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