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Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009
Surely best signing since Pogba? Or Dybala?
Yep. Best and most exciting since those two great talents

And he’s Italian, so you know he’ll stay here for as long as possible. That’s why we must always secure the best Italian talents as soon possible. Still so cut up about not signing Barella when we had the chance...


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Jun 4, 2016
I hated this transfer when it happened. I thought it was completely useless to sign him when we already had Berna/Cuadrado/Kulusevski and Costa for that RW position and I didn't see his Fiorentina performances as anything special, so I expected another Berna 2.0 except less handsome and more expensive. Boy was I totally wrong, kid has been the player of the season for me and shown balls when players like Ronaldo have failed to show up. A real warrior that embodies that "fino alla fine" mentality.

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