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Nov 9, 2005

Swap for Chiesa.
Dec 16, 2012
He clearly has skills, pace, fighting spirit and stamina but unfortunately he lacks the intelligence and vision.

He has difficulties comprehending the movement of his teammates, thus resulting with poor decision making.

I think he lacks a great support from an attacking midfielder like Ramsey so that we can only use Berna to get into simpler situations and goalscoring opportunities.

Just one-twos, runs between the lines and open shots would be sufficient. Nothing more complicated than that cause otherwise he struggles with too much responsibility.
I really disagree about the intelligence and vision. Last season those were the things he was best at. Always made the right decision, always played simple and direct.

This season at times he reminded me so much of Pogba for the first few months of that 205/16 season. He was making so many mistakes, losing so many balls, but he was bad because he tried, he wanted to do too much at once. He was never bad because he didn't exist on the pitch. He would make one good move and then string 3 bad ones.

Later when he slowed down, stopped complicating he was the best player for the rest of the season.

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