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Aug 29, 2010
Extremely valuable player. Is gonna be huge in the return. Now had to play a more tactical role cause of abscenses and did that very good. This guy closer to the opponent most of the time is gonna rip some holes next game


Mar 6, 2003
The important here is that he always gives his 100% and is one of the few players in our team that is fearless to go with the ball at his feet. Thats invaluable


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Jul 30, 2015
Calma... he's being here for almost two season, it's not like he just arrove last month and had an inmediate impact from the very beginning

Let's see how he goes
Sep 13, 2015
He clearly has skills, pace, fighting spirit and stamina but unfortunately he lacks the intelligence and vision.

He has difficulties comprehending the movement of his teammates, thus resulting with poor decision making.

I think he lacks a great support from an attacking midfielder like Ramsey so that we can only use Berna to get into simpler situations and goalscoring opportunities.

Just one-twos, runs between the lines and open shots would be sufficient. Nothing more complicated than that cause otherwise he struggles with too much responsibility.

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