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Jan 24, 2004
Germany - Netherlands, Dragao (Porto)
Kick off: Tuesday, 6/15/04 at 19:45 local time

"Es ist angerichtet." ("It is prepared")

With these words German commentators often welcome viewers or listener of great soccer events. And propably they'll use the term again next tuesday when Germany and the Nethelands are going to start their EM - against each other.

Both team scored nil

But preparations were quite trumbling for both teams. Germany lost his last friendly against Hungary which started with a B-squad. Despite of Lucas Podolski's debut the Germans didn't score one single goal. In particular defence showed a weak performance during the first half-time. After the change Germany mostly played one-way soccer with Kiraly's goal as destination. But the Hungarian earning his money at Hertha BSC Berlin stonewalled his goal closely. Also Holland demonstrated soccer which has to be titled as "self-destruction". It was Roy Keane who taught the Dutch star ensemble how to score a goal. Small wonder that both nations are trembling because of a propable lose against arch-enemy.

Natal hour of a rivalry

The worst case supporters fear about is not a simple goal difference leading to a lost. It is more - it is to lose honour. Nothing would hurt more than to lose against the neighbour team and to get pride wounded. Origin of rivalry was maybe the WC-win of Germany in 1974. Hosting Germans won 2:1 against "Oranjes" who were led by Johan Cruyff. Paul Breitner and Gerd Müller gave the winner decisive goals. An annoying circumstance for Dutch players was a cheated penalty by Bernd. And also another comparison was determed. "Emporer" Beckenbauer held upper hand to "King" Cruyff.

14 years later at Euro (again in Germany), the Dutch squad took revenge and threw out Germany with a 2:1 win. Marco van Basten destroyed all hopes of hosting nation shortly before last whistle. This time Van Basten decided also a personally battle - and this time "soccer god" Kohler lost.
But after the game one scene heated up rivalry futher on. Ronald Koeman mopped his ass with help of Olaf Thon's jersey. This action let him become a hero to those compatriots who still saw the Germans as occupying forces between 1941 to 1944.

1990 the vulcano of hostility flared again. In Milano the whole world watched Frank Rijkaard having spat on Rudi Völler who is now coach of the NT. Both were punished with red cards - only referee knew why Völler got one. Nevertheless Germans won 2:1 after likely the best performance of Jürgen Klinsmann and cleared out road to the third WC-trophy.

Two years ago, it was Germans' turn to throw new wood into fire. All over Germany people partied failure of Dutch team to qualify for WC2002. Malicious joy culminated in more or less creative ideas. Songs (musically seen only enjoyable if drunken) were written to scream out the soccer hate. And even firms used relationship of both soccer nations to make profit. "Bet and win" (a betting firm) offered a special "Holland out"-bonus. Oddset (also a betting enterprise) aired a commercial with that topic. During WC2002 URLs "" (you-are-not-there) and "" were clicked over 23 milion times.

New tournament - new malice? Yes. And again the "little neighbour" made the first step. Just in time they invented a sticker with Rudi Völler which you can paste in your toilet. A Dutch magazine also used the chance and packed a voodoo-doll into a release. Instructions insist to prick doll when thinking about a German player - just you wait! :)

Goals warranted?

But now back to pitch. In 35 games 129 goals were scored - 3.6 goals per match. A very high quota regarding jams of current strikers. On German side nobody is seen as comming Gerd Büller and even "Oranjes" with goal-machines like Van Nistelrooy and Makaay will have to re-find the secret of scoring. Favorite of match are the Netherlands. Equal wether Oliver Kahn mentioned "We don't have to hide us as vice worldchampion" nobody thinks that Germans can win something again. Nowadays opponents are too strong. Beside group members Holland and Czech Repulic it seems that every team participating Euro2004 can beat Germans. But optimists can see light at the end of the tunnel. Clawing at hope they think "Rudi's Giants" have to invent their "virtues" again: duel, discipline, patience and staying power.

Gary Lineker: "Football is a game with 22 men and in the end, the Germans always win." or Rinus Michel: "voetbal total"

It doesn't play a role which quote will be true on tuesday. Hopefully we'll see a stunning soccer match full of beautiful moves, shots and goals. May the best takes all!

I talked enough, now it's your turn :thumb:

EDIT: revocation of the "sorry" after having read Erik's thread :D
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Jan 24, 2004
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    Yea it's kind of Similar to the other thread
    similar but not the same :)
    well I think we should use this thread for the match in general and Erik's for rivalries? If you want to know what "similar threads" mean check out the transfer forum ;) :D
    Aug 1, 2003
    GUESS WHAT !?!?!?!?!?!

    Since Malaysia is like, the most intelligent country in the history of football, they won't be showing the Germany - Holland match live ! We'll have to wait for a delayed telecast the next day which means that by then we would already know the score and all spirit and excitement would be lost! Woo hoo !!

    **off to take an AK-47 and go on a manhunt for the ones responsible for this! :fero:


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    Nov 1, 2003
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    Where to, on a moon? :D The game will be in the evening, surely the seminar won't last till 20.45 CET :)
    to a secluded resort somewhere. i'm not in europe, so 20.45 wud be in the very early morning :D i doubt i have the "strength" to wake up that early and then have to endure another 10 hours of ppl "yapping". i need my beauty sleep :kiss:

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