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Jul 12, 2002
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    Oliveira dud,,,is Oliveira :)
    Roque Junior

    There was a guy who pl;ayed for Flamengo many moons ago, I mean we are going back about 20 years now and he came on as a substitute, he looked like a ice hockey player and he never went near the ball once while he was on the field, within 25 minutes of coming on he blatantly elbowed an opponent and if that was not bad enuff, he punched the opponents teammate who didnt take kindly to his team mate being elbowed, suffice to say he got a red card and I never saw him again on a football pitch, I'd give anything to recall his name, definitely the worst player I have seen

    The worst I have heard of is a player whom agents told Graeme Souness, was Geroge Weah's cousin, and Souness without actually ever seen him play brought him on at half time for Southampton, and after 15 minutes prompty brought him off well he never played him again and I never saw him again, I think his name is Kabba or Jebba or something like that

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