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Aug 21, 2010
We will probably use the recompra on him at some point
Yeah, we dont have that anymore. From what has been reported we only have the right to match a bid for him from a third club that the Samp board/boss accepted. Basically if/when Arsenal calls and offers 45 mil for him we can either submit a 45 mil offer and let Audero decide where to go or just do nothing. We will probably do nothing, unless he explodes...
Apr 9, 2015
I agree with the board, you have to make a decisions and this is a hard one, because he has some great potential. But on the other side we have or Polish goalie (28 yrs) who is playing excellent and we have Perin (25) so there is no space for Audero. Beside that 20 million is a lot of money for most mid-table teams and 'big teams' aren't really interested in him. So 20 million is a good deal, because we have enough quality goalies and it is a big amount of money to spend for a midfielder.

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He is a true Juventino played since his 11th here, so would have loved him in the squad, but from him perspective he wants and needs playing time. Good deal for both,


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Feb 10, 2007
Official statement says obligation for Sampdoria to buy for €20m if Samp achieve some sporting objectives, so not done deal this mercato.

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