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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by Oded ] ++
it wasn't a penalty! no matter now but still.

i remember fabian o'neal hit the post, he could win us the game.
You damn right it was no penalty :groan:

O'Neill crashed the bar, as did Alex and Salas.


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Feb 18, 2001
Only one news from the medical staff from Edgar Davids. The dutchman midfielder, replaced at the half of the second part of the match, is suffering a slight contusion to the right knee.


I hope he'll be able to play against Basel, cause otherwise we'll have major problems in the midfield :scared:


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Oct 28, 2002
in our case it is no davids then no midfield!!!!

Baiocco hasn't done anything good wearing the Juve shirt!
Conte is too old to play in midfield! his age for a defender i understand but a midfielder!????
Tachi! i don't need to say anything against brescia more than 50% of his passes were terrible passes! and his long range effort was terrible too


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Feb 18, 2001
Welcome to the forum supporter :)

I certainly hope that the Pitbull will be able to play on Sunday ... we are resting him by not putting him on the field for the CL game and I hope it'll pay off *fingerscrossed*

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
++ [ originally posted by nina ] ++
I have always liked Davids and since Pippo left as well he is my fav juventini :)

well the reason i asked was...well...um....all of a sudden u seem to acquire a davids avatar, and you mentioned a few times how scared you were that davids was injured, and that he was our midfield hub, and all that.....the sudden niceness just sort-of...well...blew me away.......

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