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Chickenegro no funny
Jan 14, 2005
This being a forum that I see the words 'original and creative' thrown around alot, this might work here too. I worked once in another forum, it was pretty cool but you people are losers so I guess it wont work. Anyways.

Its doodle tournament. You dont need to be good with a comp graphics program. You cant be good anyway with the rules :D.

You can use any graphic package. From MS Paint to Photoshop.

You must draw with a mouse. No graphics pens, no scanning, no cheating.
You must use the 1 inch pixel pencil thingy (Look at attached pic).
Draw anything or write or anything just DOODLE!!!


Someone better do this :groan:


Senior Member
Mar 4, 2004
Good idea :D

I will submit some crap if other people do first. Ill go for something easy like summing up everything that is juventuz to me. Should be a breeze :D


Senior Member
Mar 4, 2004
Dont close it, im working on my masterpiece. Jesus never kill a doodle thread. Its fun. Enter :D

For now Mr Shit has something to say:


Senior Member
Mar 4, 2004
Actually ive been doing this sucker! :D

Let me walk you through it. Its my new mascot. hehe

You'll find:
My name in huge - because im the greatest :D
Lilliana and Fli love hearts - That was the affair of all love affairs.
Love + Hate - because I love myself and hate everyone else.
Mr Shit - You may remember him from my avatar. He was a legend.
Sheep - Dedicated to my man Pado, Sheep Man of Padova.
Linux Penguin - Looking out for the geeks and an attempt to keep martin for shutting this sucker down :howler:
England flag - because I know you all love england, and as a lasting reminder to River and her battle to protect the EPL :D
A skull + cross bones with horns - Ermm.. Eye candy? :D
Some other superstar designer things

And finallly. A super life drawing of the one and only Evil Gingerbread Cookie. Remember this guys been around for years, on books, lecture notes, walls and anything else I can draw on.

You'll also notice its cut out and keep. Incase your friends want a copy :D


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