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Aug 21, 2003
i can't imagin totti wearing black and white jersey. i know it is impossible but i still want to imagin sensi's face in that case.

p.s. of course alex is numero uno


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Mar 28, 2004
I dont think Totti will fit juve coulors, his face and hair would seems rather strange in black & white...maybe is DNA is to romanistic and is infected of the Disease that spread Porkus Sensi....:yuck:


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May 30, 2004
This on isn't even close. Totti by a mile. A better question would've been Cassano or Del Piero? And at the moment, Cassano is the answer to that one too.

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Modo Bianconero ] ++
Del Piero can do all da nice passes .. and toti can do da dribbling then they can both shoot together... because if del piero shot alone .. he ll miss :)

screw you :)


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Feb 13, 2004
ATM, Totti is one of the most on form players in Italy, I thikn that says it... Its disappointing that DP hasn't been at his best for many years now :sigh:


Jun 7, 2004
briliant players i would love to see them play together in their good shape, only then we can tell,lets hope we will see that soon.
totti really has a problematic caracter he always argueing with the ref and i believe the more he grows up the more he speaks than plays,
alex has a big broblem with injures,its very bad we could have the best player in the world,
i still believe he can give more than totti gives now,
but for now,
he does not!
they both have some moments of magic who can make the dif
and they both love their team and try for the best!


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Jul 14, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Juve_Kosova ] ++
Del Piero WAS better.. but i have to say Totti is now... :(
My exact thoughts. Hopefully DP will refind the form that made him one of the best players on the planet back in the mid to late 90s :touched: ..Right now Totti is definitely better though.

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