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Feb 21, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Luigi Vampa ] ++
no pendir, the last 5 years have shown whos more useful.
Past five years is past five years. We need to consentrate on the future. ;)

Not that I am a huge fan of either one of them though...

What Italy needs is a victory, other things do not matter.


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Jan 30, 2004

All that talk about him gagging at the crucial time is in the past now. Tell me, if he hadn't pulled the chestnut out of the fire and scored against Mexico at the world cup in 2002, what would have happened?

And can anyone tell me whom it was he replaced in that match. Sure Alex has had some bad times, but he's pure class, and when he's playing at his best, he gives his team an edge.

And to show the measure of the person he is, he let go of the Azzuri number 10 shirt, when there was all the talk of Totti having replaced him as Italy's shining light.

He's a great player and a great person.
Feb 29, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Sparty ] ++
Totti no doubt! wish he played for Juve!
No he won't. Ever.
He loves Roma so much, he puts his total loyalty to Roma.
He will not break that loyalty by joining another club, specially Lazio :D

This talk reminding me of Nesta :cap:.
I'm so sad to see him going from his Lazio to Milan.
I can't see him battling Totti as hard as before, Nesta isn't that good in Milan.
Maybe he dropped like 5% off his normal capability,
he is a pure Laziale, proably he can only play in 100% condition if he plays for Lazio :eek:
but i can sense his hate over Totti when Milan fights Roma, still can't forget his Lazio



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May 7, 2004
what are u talking about totti better than alex??? nooo waayyyyyyyy ALEX IL MAESTRO you will see who is better in Euro 2004 i am waiting this Del Piero to explode thi summer finally for the first time for Italy just like he had done for Juve.(but untill now not for Azzuri)

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