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Apr 14, 2007
just look at gila's record, 23, 23, 17. a good record and tbf its harder to score for a top club as at parma he would have been the star player and the team would have been centred around him


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Apr 14, 2007
For everyone of the mentioned players their own reasons and the circumstances that, most probably, led them to transfer to a rival club.

Crespo: He wanted to climb the ladder of the Italian football step by step: Parma then Lazio then Inter. After that, he was sold to Chelsea, despite the fact that he loves Italy and he didn't want to leave. Everything has turned into a mess when he transfered to Chelsea, he didn't adapt in Stamford bridge and he wanted to return to the peninsula. Milan was the one who approached him and he was loaned to them. Then he returned to Chelsea and the same thing happened, he was loaned to Inter eventually.

Pirlo: He wasn't playing regularly in Inter, he preferred to play for Milan. Then, Milan re-discovered him and he won all possible trophies there. On the contrary was his days at Giuseppe Meazza.

Baggio: Juventus was the one who sold the Divine Ponytail, however, he'd been Juventus and Juventus were him in the five years he spent in Turin.

Ronaldo: A fat traitor.

Inzaghi: His situation was nearly similar to that of Baggio's. Plus, he didn't accept being a third choice striker after Del Piero and Trezeguet. Hence, he preferred to leave. I can't blame him though.

As you can see, Trezeguet's situation at Juve has been better than the previously mentioned players. He's been playing regularly since his arrival, highly respected by his team-mates as well as the fans and he won lots of trophies with Juve. Even though, he perhaps asks to leave due to our demotion, seeking different experience, etc...
i can see what you mean but in the fiorentina game, going up to their fans an putting on a viola scarf isnt what i call someone representing juve


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Apr 29, 2006
According to a few press publication (tuttosport is mentioned) inter and juventus are negotiating over a switch between Trezeguet and Burdiso+Cruz+CASH.
Now I couldn't find the link in tuttosport, but here is the original Bulgarian link (sorry guys)

How do you feel over the switch. Now IMHO Cruz is the only striker in Inter I see fit. Burdiso the broken nose is not the best defender in my view, but having in mind that he can play almost every position and the fact that our defence is like suisse cheese, I would say that might be kind of a good value deal.
Anyway I would hate to see Trezeguet in Inter, but if it is what he wants, we better get the most bucks out of the deal. Besides his neverending injuries and lack of form is already pissing me off, I know motivation is not a factor, but sucking in seria B is inexcusable for a striker like him.


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Jun 20, 2006
I dont like that CRUZ is to old and he is only for the banch burdiso same . but it depens on how much cash they offering . anybody know ?
GILARDINO is better and he is juve fan by the way .


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Jul 15, 2003
Inter's trying to get back at Juventus for completing the Carini for Cannavaro swap deal. I wouldn't fall for this any day. A thirty-two year old striker who's had his better days pass him by along with an if-average defender plus cash for a player like Trezeguet? Kiss my ass.


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Apr 12, 2004
This is the most retarded move ever. Burdisso and Cruz aren't good enough to regularly start for a team that wants to finish Top 4.

We already gave them Ibrahimovic for too cheap. I'd do it if they gave him back or sent Adriano and cash.


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Nov 11, 2006
i can see what you mean but in the fiorentina game, going up to their fans an putting on a viola scarf isnt what i call someone representing juve
I think he meant in a sport kind of way. He was the leader of Juventus at his time there, so he was Juventus and Juventus depended on him. That's how I understood it.
This is exactly what I did mean. :pint:

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