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Jan 31, 2003
Too long on the sidelines over the years...another victim of italians must be 28 years before they can start. He had the potential and lost it.


Dec 17, 2007
6 goals conceded in last 2 games...took 14 games before that for us to concede 6 goals.

Last two games this guy played.
Also playing with De Sciglio as cb in that Atalanta game where the midfield was non existent

In this game with a backline that has never played together before :D

Hes not the second coming of Scirea but there is a few problems we are dealing with now


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May 29, 2005
The newspapers have reacted well to Juventus' 3-3 draw against Parma, as the Gervinho show blew the bianconeri away in the second half.

Its Gazzetta dello Sport though, who bring out the most accurate and pointed analysis of the game. They criticise the performance of Daniele Rugani and bring out the brilliance of Gervinho.

They say: "Brilliant for about an hour, scored a goal. Then he collapses: he is thrilled by the heel of Gervinho, too soft in realising who finds space and gives the time to serve the Ivorian to make it 3-3"

"Rugani was insufficient in Juventus-Parma: his goal could give a supporting victory, then Gervinho was unleashed in the final few minutes and everything changed."


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Jul 15, 2017
Thought Rugs would be better defensively than what he has shown. Hasn't had a lot of time though to show what he can do. And you line him up with Caceres to boot.

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Dec 23, 2012
not gonna judge him, he's been good this season bar the last few games, I don't know if you consider that Chiellini "carrying him" or just the effect of being in a solid centre back partnership with a real centre back, not a Fullback playing out of position halfway through the game ala MDS, or a Lazio backup who joined the club the day before. No doubt Barza, Bon, and Chiellini would have delt with a makeshift back line better but im not gonna judge him based on the past few weeks

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