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Sep 4, 2006
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After a short google it looks like i didn't miss out. Should be eradicated, like Pitbull(s).
im surprised you dont know who that is. dude is yelling his name at the beginning of a lot of popular music over the past few years

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42 goals in 46 games since Santos became manager and closing in all that all time international record.
Kane is closing in :scared:
Aug 30, 2002
That's the double standard you see more and more. Do as I say, not as I do. Only in this modern day #MeToo world can you point fingers at someone you don't know with evidence that doesn't exist and blame them for an assault on a woman because one woman said so and claim "overwhelming evidence" but also be friends with a known womanizer and get away with it...their time in court for defense be damned!!

Watch Dave Chappelle's new stand up stick and stones, he summarizes this to perfection in his typical thoughtfully sage batshit funny style.

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