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Jun 1, 2012
Well NOW it's clear, in retrosoective. Back then we all thought we were just a beat behind and missing a small piece.
Really? Our midfield was shit even back when he joined us too. It's an illusion that the Juventus board successfully managed to create among the fanbase that getting a GOAT footballer will automatically make you win the CL.


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Jan 26, 2009
Don't care if he stays or leaves tbh, but I can definitely understand his frustration.

He came here when Allegri was coach, and then we brought in a turd to replace him, only to fire the turd and bring in a pile of steaming shit as a coach.

We never upgraded the midfield (Arturd, Rabiot and Ramsey are abominations not upgrades), and here we are - potenitally missing out on the CL for the frist time in a decade, with Ronaldo on our team. This seemed unimaginable, but it's edging closer to becoming reality.

Oh, Icunti can fuck off. He's the last thing we need. I refer to him as a thing because he doesn't deserve to be labeled a human being. Fuck him.

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