[Coppa Italia] JUVENTUS 0-0 AC Milan [June 12th, 2020] - Leg 2 (aggregate: 1-1) (4 Viewers)


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Mar 23, 2015
17m € net:


sarri said afterwards: "i screwed up with the triple sub, it could have compromised the result". maurice started self reflecting, we have hope after all.


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Apr 25, 2013
thanks for bringing me up to speed, glad that sarriball finally clicked
Too busy reading /pol/?

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Yeah, I'm just not going to analyse the performance at all. Fact is we're an older team with injury prone players, we aren't going to hit the ground running.

I mean, look at the state of Ronaldo tonight, and he's the fittest guy in football. Bentancur was the best player on the pitch and also clearly the fittest player in our side. De Ligt also didn't look in bad shape. Oh, those guys are early 20s. Supplies.
The two biggest things that ruined our performance were the red card and then fatigue, but mostly the red. We have this switch off mode when we think the game is totally under control, it came in under Allegri and could really just be because motivation isn't as easy for our team to find. But I'll let them off in this one as game management is going to be a big factor playing every few days. If people think these are going to be 90 minute performances don't bother, too many factors against that.
You derailed the thread by making so much sense. :disagree: It was a nice
read before but now everyone is making sense.

Wait, nvm...

Didn't the 10-man Milan have the same long ass break?

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I actually fell asleep before FT :p
I rarely watch full games when play is bad esp unimportant games against provincials, but tbh, this was so uniquely bad when we had the ball that I kept watching. Sunday pickup level at times. I mostly get why but never saw anything like this lol.
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Feb 22, 2019
Did people really expect us playing the most beautiful football ever or what? First 15mins looked quite good, small combinations, 1-2's, dominated the game but as always, enemy putting the shield on, had us toothless rest of the game.


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Dec 31, 2002
The players has nothing to do with it. It's the style, the tactics and the approach. Get used to it.
Actually they do!
D.Costa didnt manage to get past his man and didnt use his abilities at the best possible way..
Bernardeschi was even worse as at least D.Costa manage to make a movement to get the ball while Bernardeschi just fought not to lose the ball.
Cuadrado - He did exactly what I expected from him - He pushed forward and IMO should have been used as a winger for this one.
Dybala was ok even if not the WC Dybala we were used to this season but when the whole team dont play like should its difficult to do something all by yourself (especially after recovering from the Coronavirus.
Ronaldo`s finishing was terrible yesterday and seems not to be in top shape as he usually runs faster..


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Jul 14, 2006
0-0 that shizzle. :donedeal: :hihi::seven:
Bring Prediction League back.

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Anyone been to Milan forums? Are they salty? I would visit them but they banned me. :sad:

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Milan actually complained that he should have looked at VAR :lol:

I'm more amazed that he was going to give a yellow card initially.

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This post is a gem :lol:

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Unbeaten vs juve in 2 games despite awful refs and missing our best players

Pioli might not be the answer, but has done a respectable job considering
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