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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
Myself and someone else talked about this some time ago, think it was magnus or Torkel..anyway, as soon as CM4 comes out, we need to set a certain challenge, and see who the first person is to achieve it! For example, winning the world club championships with Ayr United or something equally ridiculous. Whomever can do it in the least playing time is the winner, and crowned Cm4 GOD!

suggestions for the challenge can go here, and put your names forward if you are up for a pasting :D

I think its generally acccepted who is the best at CM3 (me :p) but with the new game, hell even Torkel could be crowned champion :eek:;) what with the new cheapo players, new tactics, and new..well EVERYTHING..really anyone could win!


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Jul 12, 2002

What to say to post like that Tom?:D

First of all, I'm in, as long as we pick the right team and everything. I think we should have a lowly placed Italian team, it would be more fun when we started moving up the divisions and got to play with the big boys. I nominate my old dreamteam: Lucchese Libertas :touched::star:
Last time I checked they were in Serie C1A. Might vbe too high, an even lower side coulod be better.

Also, I think we should be aware of the fact that people might not have the same amount of time to play and stuff like that, so it should be a pretty un-official thing. Basically it's just an excellent way to learn the game. But it sounds fun kicking your ass:p


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by tarmpropp ] ++
Also, I think we should be aware of the fact that people might not have the same amount of time to play and stuff like that, so it should be a pretty un-official thing. Basically it's just an excellent way to learn the game. But it sounds fun kicking your ass:p
I'm with you on the first part. If someone comes back in a week and says 'I won the WCC with Lucchese' and gives a photo as proof, it might be cause they played on it 24/7. One day later, someone that has hardly played on it might do the same. Which is the better player? the second one.

We should simply take into account how many seasons it takes each of us to achieve the final goal. If it takes me 6 years, you 18 then obviously I am the better player :p;)

but I am at a disadvantage since I hate the look of CM4 and will probably quit after about 10 mins play :D lets hope Martin sent that list to them :nervous:

may the best gamer win! :fero:

btw I like the idea of an Italian club, since we all love calcio, it would be a fair league to choose. C1/A seems about right to me, no point going too far down or else it will take forever just getting up to serie A let alone staying there and winning some trophies!

we can each start our own thread detailing our progress, with hopefully some photos from the game (if my comp doesn't go wrong again)


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Nekton ] ++
I don't think I want to play CM4 longer than one season :down:
Aaah, you just wait and see, it'll be superb.

Anyways, you can't withdraw from the challenge. Chicken!!:D


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Dec 31, 2000
Tom, you guys should make it the shortest playing time, ie. time as in the game. Makes a lot more sense. I dare you to do it in 2 seasons :p


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Tom, you guys should make it the shortest playing time, ie. time as in the game. Makes a lot more sense. I dare you to do it in 2 seasons :p
what! thats not even possible :D


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Tom, you guys should make it the shortest playing time, ie. time as in the game. Makes a lot more sense. I dare you to do it in 2 seasons :p
the two seasons would be spent on trying to get promotion with a serie c1 club,so naturally it's impossible.

anyways,i'm in.if i can do it in 20 seasons i'll be happy:D


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Zambrotta ] ++
How about Fiorentina?
too easy, I expect their squad will be superior to others in the division, plus you will get much higher revenues from matches than other teams. We should go for an average C1/a or C1/b team IMO, but lets see what the others want to do

Nekton, I feel exactly the same way at the moment. I'm not gonna buy the game, I'll probably just copy it, hopefully I'll end up liking it but the demo is piss-poor


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
like it mikhail..or someone we can remember from the early 90's being a serie A club

remember foggia?


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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Alex ] ++
Don't tell me they fixed all the bugz?
This is what the patch fixed, from the Gold demo to the full game:

Fixed some Swedish stadium issues for derby games.

Fixed rehabilitation time out calculation.

Fixed ridiculous wages being given to all players at top clubs after a season or so

Fixed the missing Euro symbol when using Ter's skin.

Fixed unable to untick man specific marking option during match.

Fixed scouting individual players sometimes never were reported back.

Fixed captain changing during match problem (assistant picking captain when shouldn't.)

Fixed problem with histories not showing up for players (this was related to the installer)

All shortcut keys now are handled on the news screen.

Added ability to display club logo's on team screens [Spanish Version Only]

When a person's contract expires and no response is made to the news item, you now don't get the same news every day from then on.

When user has news items allowing responses, the game doesn't take him to news screen every 2 hours.

Loans are now not terminated by computer teams as much.

Teams won't try to buy first options on players they cannot buy. e.g. Non Basque players and Athletico Bilbao.

Human players can now no longer respond to contract decision news for other teams.

All player transfers now get cancelled on transfer deadline day.

Disabling scouting of "parent" comps like the Portugese Second Division B. This caused a crash before. The individual regional leagues can still be scouted.

Added a link to a player's club when viewing them through a national team.

Changed the way the picking positions panel worked so it won't collapse and disappear

Fixed the currency conversion for the Brazilian Real

Injuries time string rounded to nearest and not always upwards.

Injury lengths adjusted.

Player compare used the neutral colour for some positional comparisons.

If selling team does not make contract offer to part exchanged player, the offer is now cancelled.

Fixed long term distortion of player attributes throughout the game due to erroneous effects of training

Made players in mid range leagues ( Holland, Belgium, Scotland etc ) more agreeable to moves to clubs in top leagues ( England, Italy, Spain )

Fixed problem where game dates for Euro Champ Qual differed to actual real life dates causing leagues to be scheduled incorrectly

Fixed Croatian Super Cup date.

Fixed winter break periods for Italian leagues.

Fixed Greek second division playoff problem where losing non league team may still be promoted.

Fixed French league schedule to play on specific wednesday.

Fixed N.Ireland Cup semi-finals are now played on neutral venues.

Fixed Antrim Shield and Irish Cup match times.

Fixed last 2 games being played on a sunday at 3pm.

Fixed German league cup fixture dates.

Fixed Japanese super cup not being played in 2003

Dutch Premier/First Division playoffs now do not get postponed due to the European Championships.

Squad numbers added for Portugese teams.

Champions League 2nd phase now has improved method of keeping teams from same nation and group apart.

Correct teams at home in MLS playoff quarter finals.

No away goals now for MLS playoff quarter finals.

Reserve leagues for leagues starting in 2003 now work properly.

Mexican playoffs now get decided on league positions if draws
not extra time and pens.

3 rounds instead of 2 for Irish First Division in second season.

Two legged playoff final for Irish league.

Reserve dates fixed for first year in Ireland.

Argentina teams now use squad numbers.

In Argentina, if home and away team kits clash, the home team changes its colours.

Brazilian state cup draws now seeded properly.

Minas Gerais state championship winner is now declared champions.

Relegation now applies to Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul state championships.

Fixed reserves and U18s for Brazilian teams.

Brazilian cup now gets played every year.

Yugoslav reserve league expanded to 18 teams

Yugoslav u21 rule changed to cover only 2nd division

Updated Spanish fixtures rules for number of Non-EU players

Added squad number selection for all leagues in Spain

Fixed Norwegian League red/yellow card validation error

Added limit of 2 Non-EU players on pitch in Norwegian Leagues

Added squad number selection for top 2 Norwegian leagues

Fixed days/times that Singaporean Games are played on

Fixed Singapore Cup Draw problem (from 03/04 season onwards)

Added Penalty shootouts to level Singaporean league games

Singaporean reserve games not being played bug fixed

Fixed Crystal Palace playing at Milton Keynes in season 2003-4!!

American 2nd division schedule section no longer crashes.

Added season 03/04 polish second division relegation playoff.

Prize money for Brazilian state leagues now works.

Fixed really low maximum wages allowed by the board, when approaching to sign certain players.

Allowed a little more flexibility with regards to wage offers, prior to this board was very strict as to whom it considered a first team or key player.

Lowered wages allowed for squad rotation and first team players a little.

Tuned scottish finance system to prevent non-old firm teams gaining ground on them too easily.

Reduced ground maintainance for smaller clubs and non-professional clubs

Fixed set piece taker timewasting when losing late in the game

Fixed fairly common bug where full back would throw ball to centre back who would be robbed for run in at goal

Fixed goalie rather naively taking throw back to opposition after injury

Fixed problem where live league table was not being updated when returning to a match screen.

Setting team mentality for human teams now comes into effect immediately not at the end of the current period.

Teams now lie deep or push up more in relation to their mentality and whether they are playing the offside trap

Tuning of offside assessment from passing player's point of view

Direct free kicks less effective

Found happy medium between "loads of disallowed goals" in beta demo and "none" in v4.0.1

If a human manager returns from holiday or reenters a network game during his team's match, either he or the computer will take control depending on who had original control, not both.

Auto continue now works after a match day has finished.

Latest scores panel now shows human controlled teams in yellow.

Latest scores now show the current match period of all games.

Human controlled teams on latest scores are now highlighted.

Fixed central defender condition bug and put more emphasis on each player's stamina

Tuned player passing of ball

Removed 10 yard dissent rule for leagues that don't utilise it

Big teams sit back less vs little teams in internationals unless safely winning

Better selection of individual player instructions by CPU teams

Fixed bug where human teams are left with less defenders staying back at an attacking set piece than they set in the tactics screen

Fixed stupid dives and yellow cards for it outside the danger areas

Regular yellow cards now shown as text events only in key or extended highlights

Fixed occasional unseemly grouping of players around team mate with the ball

Toned down long shots while making those who are good at them more likely to hit the target

Improved close range finishing for top players

Less stupidly wayward goal kicks

Improved marking by attacking teams defenders who stay back at set pieces

Fixed crash when all subs were used and goalkeeper got injured and no replacement put in goal.

Fixed award referred to players' old clubs if transferred during season.

Fixed continental and global awards not announced.

Fixed World Cup, Euro Championship awards (and similar) not being processed after first competition.

Yearly awards now showing current year, listed in reverse order, and correct last winner.

Team award news now shows up to 3 of your players (if any were named.)

Award screen now shows child competitions awards.

Now records matches for child competitions.

Fixed not able to save (short)lists while out of a job.

Fixed retired players listed in player search.

Fixed filtering by value from (e.g.) 100K to (e.g.) 100K showing no results.

Fixed misaligned text and icons.

Fixed filtering attributes with upper value of 0 including all.

Fixed national managers listed with their nationality and not national team.


Jul 15, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Nekton ] ++
I got my hands on it on Wednesday. I actually thinks it's a great game! :eek: No disappointment no more! :cool:
It was given a 10/10 in a review :eek::eek:

The only game other than gta : vice city to be given 10/10.

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