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Mar 27, 2013
giovinco crowded in the center..yeah....
It doesn't mean he has to stay in the centre for the whole match, he can drift wide and let Pogba go for a run occasionally, but I don't see why he shouldn't play there: he has good ball control, can provoke a lot of fouls, which Pirlo can take advantage from and he can provide a good pass. It's not like he's playing against 3 times bigger and stronger center backs in 3-5-2 anyway, right?


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Jan 5, 2006
The truth is that real madrid is an impressive team. That we went to bernabeu and had more possession then them when with 11 players, we had more chances and same passing completion. they created 1 single chance from open play and it was a big offside trap failure.

Juventus, whilst making 2 rookie mistakes, was better in the game, came back from behind and was actually looking to do the same in the second half

we went down to 10 players and didnt got overrun. No actually with pogba and giovinco twice, we were more dangerous then real madrid.

I'm proud of our players, who played with their heart and soul, and refused to give up.
I don't always agree with you, but when I do I can't +rep you again.


Jun 17, 2011
Fuck it,

When we go into the EL, we should take it seriously and bring the trophy home on our own ground.
I can't even believe we most likely won't be getting out of this group. Ridiculous.
Buffon 5.5

Caceres 7
Barzagli 6.5
Chiellini 2.5
Ogbonna 4

Vidal 7.5
Pirlo 5
Pogba 6.5

Marchisio 6.5
Llorente 6
Tevez 6

Bonucci 6
Asamoah 5
Giovinco 6

Conte 8.5 (for changing the formation)
There was no way he could have prevented either of the two goals.


Mar 6, 2003
Man what a fukin disgrace of game.

We played our hearts out and they got away with it.

But to be fair, Chiellini lost this singlehandedly. The guy has ZERO intelligence. The red card was even more stupid because he doesnt even tried to protect the ball but looked to punch ron in the face with the ball at one meter from the 2 . Fukin neardental.

Vidal Pogba deserve an award. Played with all they got.

The positives:
-Conte used a new formation andit worked.
-We showed the rginta we were missing for once.
-We look dangeorus everytime llorente is in, for some reason.

The negatives:
-Almost out of the CL now,
-Caceres and Og are super rusty
-It seems we cant trust our old guard anymore.


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Jan 5, 2006
Our lads can be proud of themselves (except Ogbonna). We did very well considering the circumstances.

Real won't get very far in the competition based on tonight's display.

Pogba MOM for me, Caceres was a warrior as well.

Marchisio was casper, if Monaco come calling again this summer we should sell in a heartbeat.
The Pogba who has lost every ball tonight? You surely mean Vidal or someone else.

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