Cameroon to wear one-piece kit in the African Cup??? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 30, 2003
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heres another link

like i said on another forum, Eto'o looks like one half of the Ambiguously Gay Duo in that piece of crap.

worst piece of clothing EVER
is Eto'o wearing the one piece suite in that pic?

not the one i imagining.. the shorst part still look like not attached...

wonder what totti and other tuck out players would say if PUMA decide to pursue this idea for Italia EURO 2004..;)


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Jul 16, 2003

-what happens if the jersey gets torn badly? Normal tops if there's a hug rip in it they can just change a new 1 on the sopt.... but this..... erm....

-what happens if players get injured? Sometimes a player gets winded or kicked in the ribbs and Physios are pulling shirts up/ pulling shorts down a little to get a better look at the injury. And here???? how?????
Jul 12, 2002
Man, I wonder what the people at the Cameroon FA are smoking. First the stupid sleeveless kits, and now a "one-piece?" First of all, what;s the point of a one-piece uniform? Does it have any advantages? It certainly doesn't look any better...


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Jan 24, 2003
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if someone wants to go to the match and wants to wear that shirt how will they?
Now that's a good question. Maybe they'll have a two piece version for the fans. Or maybe you'll have to look like an idiot when you're supporting your team! :)
Aug 1, 2003
i actually thought the sleeveless one was cool :embarass: still do
i've seen the adverts for this kit, starring djembadjemba and eto'o

i have no problem with it, but it makes things more difficult i think, for things like swapping jerseys ;)


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Apr 22, 2003
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i have no problem with it, but it makes things more difficult i think, for things like swapping jerseys ;)
That's a good point too. The football coverage would have to be x-rated :yuck:


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Jul 25, 2001
Don't worry people - for once Sepp Blatter's conservative attitude has made him make the right decision: Cameroon will be banned from FIFA events if they play this er ... what shall we call it ... ice-skating suit?

Check the FIFA and Eurosport websites for the above news.


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Jun 9, 2003
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    TUNIS, Tunisia (AP)— FIFA President Sepp Blatter said Friday that Cameroon's new one-piece kit will be outlawed, but probably not in time to stop it from being worn at the African Cup of Nations.

    Blatter criticized Puma, manufacturers of Cameroon's kit - which combines the shorts and jersey, has zippers on the shoulders, and red lion's claw-marks down either side.

    "It is the second time the supplier poses a problem to the laws of the game," Blatter told reporters. Two years ago, Cameroon wore sleeveless shirts to produce a first fashion statement.

    "I am sorry they (Puma) did not consult us before," Blatter continued. "This is against the laws of the game and it will not be accepted."

    Representatives of Puma couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

    Blatter said FIFA's international board will meet at the end of February and will deal with the issue.

    However, the meeting comes nearly two weeks after the end of the African Cup - where title-holder Cameroon looks for a third-straight success.

    Blatter did not say if Cameroon would be allowed to wear the kit during the tournament, which begins Saturday and ends Feb. 14.

    Issa Hayatou, elected Thursday for a fifth term as CAF African soccer confederation president, did not offer comment on his countrymen's controversial new kit.

    Blatter is unequivocal that such outfits have no place on a soccer field.

    "We (FIFA) are not the guardians of the sporting goods industry," he said. "We are the guardians of the laws of the game."

    It was the second time in 10 days Blatter was confronted with a problem of proper attire.

    Last week, Blatter said women players should consider wearing more revealing uniforms, such as skimpier shorts, to bring more attention to their game.

    Blatter said women's soccer needs different sponsors from the men's game and should try to attract fashion and cosmetics companies by featuring "more feminine uniforms."

    He said Friday body suits for women would also be outlawed since the rules of the game clearly mention the need for shorts, shirts and socks.

    He said his comments on special wear for women had been taken out of context, but added that women's soccer had rarely been talked about so much because of it.


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