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Jan 26, 2009
Should have brought Tielemaans from Monaco this window before he left for Leicester. Quality player, would definitely improve our midfield and The Foxes got him in exchange for some Portuguese scrub :/

Wysłane z mojego FRD-L09 przy użyciu Tapatalka
:agree: I have no fucking clue why we didn't go for him. Leicester FFS? Perhaps he's another Witsel, lacking the mental toughness and desire to fight for titles :boh:


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Apr 5, 2018
I have a big time beef with this player. I get his hustle and all, but he is absolutely a terrible player. Maybe he can play as the hawk in a double pivot, but there is no other world in which you can win with this guy in a three man midfield, unless you have two other world class mids around him.

Dreadful player. Arms and legs all over the place to make a simple pass.


Sep 4, 2006
He did the same for Emiliano Sala. He wrote "Football player lost airplane" and posted a picture

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Tbf without his hustle, he’d probably be working at the local bakery.
What is about him that makes you think he either makes it in sports or must work low level service industry?

He could be a social media influencer or an aspiring rapper

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