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Jul 30, 2015
This guy may be unnecessary in a lot of Serie A games but he will be crucial in the CL
I think that too but honestly now I get why Max used this formation with Mandzo and Berna in serie A against team defending with 11 man in the last 15 mts. even when we could use players like Paulo and DC... Max use serie A as practice lab for UCL


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Aug 29, 2010
Don't remember where exactly, but I recall reading it a few times these past few days. Something along the lines of "Can is a more dynamic player than Matuidi". It made me chuckle.
That can be entirely possible and not neccecarely mean anything

Robben is not as fast as Ronaldo.

True, CR7 is slightly faster. Robben is still goddamn fast tho


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May 29, 2005
Amazing what kind of effort this club demands of its players OR the kind of players this club buys that simply puts in that effort cuz they can.

Either way. Our boys hustle and Matuidi is in fine form. May it long continue.

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I love this guy. Beast player.

Plus every time he's on the ball I can say (to myself, nobody else around :lol:) '420 Blaise it' and think that I'm fuckin hilarious.

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