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Mar 6, 2007
Yeah, if we can get that version of Blaise for most of this season, we have a very handy and capable CM on our hands. That was a sick finish, he’s come up with some big goals for us.
I wouldn't really call him a scorer but he does chip in with a few, his finishing is above average for the type of player he is. Hits the ball well.


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Apr 17, 2008
He scored a great goal. That's the thing. Khedira saves his skin because he makes good runs forward and scores often but given his sluggishness he's defensively a non-entity. Matuidi can score too, Can looks like a threat going forward also. But they both, as far as I can see, are dynamic enough to cover defensively and keep the ball at the feet of our players.

Khedira's goals have been his alibi but shouldn't be enough to save his spot. Matuidi has always allowed us to control midfields, even if he's a tad sloppy. He applies pressure, makes oppositions mids nervous. That's what's needed in our midfield. And just because he's a black ball winner doesn't make him Sissoko. His skills are still far superior, Momo's assist to Krasic being a notable flukey exception.

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