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The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
hell....why dont all keepers just sit still and watch the ball go by since it SEEMS too tough!

what i'm saying is that Buffon sometimes doesnt even try. in the Batistuta case, he could have been smarter and quicker. Reflexes and vision is a standard to evaluate keepers.
Maybe Buffon needs more vision so he can predict ball direction better, then maybe with good reflexes he MIGHT get it..
that sure as hell beats watching the ball go in.

i know there are situations where the ball is 1 foot away from the line, and all u can do is watch, we're not talking about those.
Come on, what do you expect him to save EVERYTHING?!
and remember the batistuta freekick was in that dodgy period when he was off form and just settling in. For the rest of last season, Buffon was near-perfect


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Jul 12, 2002
i don't like it when goalkeepers just give up.remember henry's freekick at highbury?he just moved one step,stretched a little and gave i see it he culd have dived and he wouldn't look so badly beaten or anything cos he made it seem like he didn't want to get himself dirty or was just lazy.
Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Paolo_Montero ] ++
What is the big deal about getting caught flat footed? Surely there is no difference between that, and diving but still failing to retrieve the ball.

If you ever try going in goal, you will know there are times when the ball comes with such power, or at a certain angle, with curl, that it is past you before you even have time to dive, so what is the point diving anyway just so you can't be accused of being caught flat footed?
Actually, being caught flat footed is bad for the teams moral. If a keeper stretches out, and really gives it his all, but the ball stills goes in, this can fire up a team to get that goal back. Whereas, if a keeper just stands there and the ball goes in, then it is disheartening to the team.


The DJ
Oct 30, 2001
Are you speaking from experience because when I have played, albeit not at a high level, and a keeper has been caught flat footed it has made little difference..a goal is a goal!


Superior Being
Jul 12, 2002
Buffon is one of the, if not the best goal keeper in the world, so i seriously doubt if his flat footedness, in some games will dishearten his team

If as a defender ,you are not confident that Buffon is behind you ,then you do not need to be there ,and with the amount of times Buffon saved our hide last season its a little sad to come on here to read that he was caught flatfooted blah blah blah

Did the great Kahn not drop a clanger in the wc final thereby handling (no pun intended) Brazil victory

Didn't the much praised VDs undermine Juve's defence with clanger after clanger in his last season at Juve or did he not cause Fulham defeat when his rush of blood against Liverpool allowed Litmanen to score the second goal in the dying minutes?

I cannot count the amount of clangers Seaman and Peruzzi have dropped

I do not see how diving for a ball you cannot possibly catch gives confidence to his defence
Aug 21, 2002
So happy 2 b able 2 participate again after a looong vacation :)


Buffon made some great saves last season, and imo is one of a key factor in our campaign last season, and so is trez.. who i've seen many times made something out of nothing :thumb:

As for def, i'm not so sure who imo was the best, coz ferrara did really great in some ocassion. But i have to say thuram had done his job pretty well at the right flank. Had he been in central position more often, like in away-CL-Porto game :)thumb:), surely he'd be no doubt be the best def of my choice.


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Jul 17, 2002
There're no doubt Buffon is great, and there's no doubt that keepers make mistakes sometimes. My point with Buffon is that he should at least Try. There's always room for improvement!

u say a goal is a goal no matter if u jump or not....i say a goal might not be a goal if u at least jump!


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Jul 13, 2002

Iuliano, Del Piero, Nedved and Zambrotta deserve mention.

As for Buffon, I feel he is blur. He always doesn't seem focused, like he's thinking of something else.

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