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Jun 26, 2003
does that mean I will get to watch clips of the goals & other highlights afetr the match in chnnls like CNN and BBC ?? since i can't get Sky Italia


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Jun 26, 2003
hey guys...this is VERY INTERESTING........

Schumi si allena con la Juventus
Il tedesco in visita al centro Sisport
Una gradita visita ha movimentato la mattinata di lavoro in casa juventina. Michael Schumacher è sbarcato infatti al centro Sisport e verso le 9.50 è entrato in campo vestito con la maglietta nera d'allenamento che indossa il resto della squadra. Al suo fianco il tecnico Marcello Lippi. Dopo un breve conciliabolo, Schumacher ha cominciato il classico 'torello' con Davids, Camoranesi, Olivera, Thuram, Trezeguet , Legrottaglie e Appiah.
Che Schumacher amasse il calcio lo si sapeva, chi non ricorda quanto clamore fece la notizia, di qualche anno fa, secondo cui il tedesco avrebbe giocato, impegni lavorativi permettendo, un intero campionato della terza categoria Svizzera. Poi le sue presenze furono molto meno assidue di quanto si pensasse, e di quanto a dire il vero temesse la Ferrari inizialmente. Non sono rare però le partecipazioni di Schumi alle partite della nazionale piloti, che in questi anni ha dato un grosso contributo dal punto di vista della beneficenza.


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Jun 24, 2003
I read it too... I'd want to see pics of the guys training with him! :angel:
If someone finds them, please lemme know!!

Till now, Sky Sport 1(italia) is the only channel that announced broadcasting the match
merda ! That's what i feared... i don't have sky :groan::fero:


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Jun 26, 2003
Marcello Lippi believes Juventus are better prepared for the new season than ever and today trained alongside Michael Schumacher.

“We have played more friendlies than usual this summer,” he noted, “and it all helps the team to achieve match fitness quickly.”

“This means when the Champions’ League kicks off we won’t have an alibi for failing to make the grade. The team will finally be prepared for this challenge.”

The Final defeat to Milan at Old Trafford is still a thorn in Lippi’s side, but he’ll have another chance to gain revenge with Sunday’s traditional Berlusconi Trophy match against the Rossoneri.

“We are satisfied with how the pre-season programme is going so far,” continued the Coach.

“Fabrizio Miccoli has recovered from his injury and our only absent players now are Salvatore Fresi and Marcelo Zalayeta.”

We will see a first team line-up against Milan at the San Siro, but there was an unusual visitor to the Turin training ground this morning.

“We are all fans of Michael Schumacher,” added Lippi, “and Juventus were happy to see him.”

“The Formula One star trained like all the other players and is a very good player.”

Both Ferrari and Juventus are owned by the Agnelli’s.

"I can hold my own as an athlete," added the German race driver, "but certainly not as a player."

"I was very honoured to train alongside these great stars and try to play football whenever I can."


Mar 30, 2003
What line out do you thik lippi will use if he said he was using his first team line out??? i think:

birindeli (he has been on outstanding form!!)
thuram (his origional position)



I'd expect miccoli and d'vaio to come on later in the match.

Le Sai

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Oct 2, 2002
Schumacher works for Ferarri.....Ferrari and Juventus owned by the Agnelli's. Shcumacher is a keen (and V.good) footballer. Saw him play in a UNICEF world XI in Luis Figo's charity match (which was brilliant btw) and Schumacher was as good as anyone there. The lineups included Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Thuram, Davids, Maldini, Geremi, Rui Costa, Shevchenko . . . and I can't remember the rest.

but anyway, Schumi loves his football so he's used his connections to get some tips from the best in Italy.

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