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Jan 28, 2013
Yeah, the 60 mins argument is brought everywhere by Barca fans, wonder how it will work out here.
It's an interesting argument since when you look at his match details, you see this when he starts:

9/14/19: Started, 73 minutes, 1 assist
9/17/19: Started, 90 minutes, UCL vs Dortmund
9/24/19: Started, 90 minutes, 1 goal
9/28/19: Started, 90 minutes, 1 goal
10/2/19: Started, 90 minutes, UCL vs Inter
10/6/19: Started, 65 minutes, 2 assists
10/19/19: Started, 71 minutes
10/23/19: Started, 83 minutes, 1 assist, UCL vs Slavia Prague
11/2/19: Started, 66 minutes
11/9/19: Started, 90 minutes
12/1/19: Started, 73 minutes
1/19/19: Subbed in, 7 minutes
1/25/19: Started, 56 minutes
2/15/20: Started, 75 minutes
2/22/20: Started, 90 minutes, 1 goal
3/1/20: Started, 80 minutes
6/16/20: Started, 73 minutes
6/23/20: Started, 56 minutes

4 matches under 66 minutes played when he starts. Also, the recent match where he played 56 minutes was after playing 19 minutes on the 13th, starting the 16th, coming on for 27 on the 19th and then starting the 23rd. 4 matches in 10 days.
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Jul 18, 2004
An Arthur - Pjanic trade is neither a step forward or a step back.

Pjanic is currently the better player, I don’t think there’s much debate to be had there. But we are playing Pjanic in a position that significantly limits him, he should be played closer to goal and were clearly not going to do that, he’s also 30 years old now. Let’s face it though, the Pjanić we’ve seen in the last 2 years is only 80% of the potential of Pjanić.

Arthur on the other hand seems a little injury prone and has been ok for Barca. He’s a good passer and will fit in well in our midfield - I’d expect him to perform on a similar level to Pjanić who has hardly tore up trees.

The possible good thing about this deal though, and it’s conditional of him staying fit. Is that he’s 23 years old and would have significant resale value in the next few years. Pjanić doesn’t offer this.

Let’s give Tici the benefit of the doubt with this one. But I hope to god this isn’t his ‘fix’ for our midfield as we need at least 2 more CMs, a winger, a striker and 2 full backs...
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