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Oct 16, 2018
When I saw the players in Pirlo's testimonial... Well he had a career thats for sure. I was jizzing myself just listening to the english commentary - only Lampard invited. LMAO.

R9, Maldini and Baggio were deep bench. Legends.
Pirlo carreer was so strong. He was one of strong midfilders for all time. I find his career in infographics - with two words - Strong Profile!


Jan 16, 2013
He gave an interview saying we’re a team without personality. Unable to create anything and that it’s like we just wait for something to happen.

And he’s absolutely right. I think you can wear out your welcome and also run out of ideas and I think Allegri has done both.


Mar 6, 2003
Someone knows what was the talk of allegri about Pirlo?

Some saying Pirlo talked with allegri (in fact suggested) the role of emre can yesterday?

its true or bollocks?

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