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How many total gols will Morata have in 14/15

  • 0-4

  • 5-9

  • 10-14

  • 15-19

  • 20-24

  • over 25

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Jan 18, 2009
Morata is twice the player Icardi will ever be if you ask me, a 110m poacher and what else could he bring? That's mostly it lol. However whats aswell true is that they are two very different players, one is solely a finisher with a miserable character whereas the other is an all-round powerhouse that could also improve his finishing with time, ofc it might depend more on who they'd eventually be replacing but i'd still rather the spaniard in most scenarios tbf. :D

now beware of the Icardi fanboys coming through after this tho :lol:

This is another Morata is already better than Higuain moment.

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So it was overrated? Thing is SMS, Pjanic and Kovacic are far away from the individual quality MVPP offered (except SMS). Saying otherwise is being delusional
Why except SMS. His current level is nowhere near our Pogba or our Vidal.


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Dec 23, 2005
If we can't get rid of higuain, I'd be happy to.have this guy for dept/rotation and swap him with higuain, maybe get a bit of extra cash too. We have serie A covered and morata has always been our most clutch player since the new era Conte started.

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