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Sep 29, 2008
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Aug 29, 2010
"Why is Tacchinardi a juventus legend"

During his time with the northern giants, Tacchinardi was also noted for his long range shooting skills, something he was highly skilled at doing and often scored from long range. He was predominantly known for his excellent positional sense, technique, vision, tactical intelligence, anticipation, and passing range.[1] Since the break-up of Davids, Tacchinardi, Nedved, Camoranesi, and Zambrotta in 2004, it has been argued that Juventus have never had a stronger midfield quartet, despite the transfers of Emerson, Patrick Viera, Mohammed Sissoko, Felipe Melo, and Diego Ribas da Cunha since then. Arguably, Alessio Tacchinardi's peak season was the 2002–2003 campaign, where he scored two goals in 27 appearances in the Serie A, while scoring two more goals in 13 UEFA Champions League appearances, a run in which Juventus reached the UEFA Champions League finals, only to lose to fellow Italians, AC Milan, in part due to the absence of the suspended Pavel Nedved. Tacchinardi has had occasional injury problems, but this did not put a major dent in his career, but it is believed that the player would have been considered one of the best midfielders of his generation, despite the fact that he was overly underrated. After nearly 14 years with Juventus, Tacchinardi made well over 300 total appearances, scoring nearly 20 goals, and also was a fan favorite, and is officially acknowledged as a club legend.
For fucks sake, how can a genuine juventus supporter even ask shit like that

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