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May 29, 2005
you are failing at defending the 'great man's' honor :pado:
I don't have to defend his honor. As you said attempting sarcasm, but failing, he has 3 straight titles he was a major part of.

He is doing just fine making fools of people all on his own to need anyone to defend him. ;)


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Jul 19, 2014
We are putting in clauses that helps everybody but us, bumping up agreed fees on players we already own/could own for dirt cheap, instead of doing what every other club outside of Italy does and keeping promising players on their books, and sending them out via a straightforward loan.

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Not to mention in these obscure deals we end up stumping players potential because we take these highly rated youngsters and throw them at whatever 2nd rate club we want a player from, instead of finding the best match we can for the player.
So far those movements have helped us. We made more money than we spend through selling Gabbiadini and Immobile, we killed any chance that any other club could get Berardi or Zaza and besides them also Rugani will return after a very successful "loan" spell, potentially as a NT player. If we just would loan them out, the other club wouldn't have any incentive to play them regurarly, they only would be used for depth (unless they are fantastic from the get go, which only few are).

There is a 99,8% chance that we never will buy Masi back for 4 million because he is doomed to be mediocre at best for his whole career. But in the unlikely case he makes major improvements we then can buy him and either sell him for more, use him as a trade-tool in negotiations or keep him. There is no downside.

Overall i don't get the critic of our policy and how we deal with talents. We do it better than other clubs. We gain something financially (Morata wouldn't be here without selling Immobile) or we gain from having them, not now, but certainly Berardi and Rugani at least will be good to have in the squad.

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