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Jul 12, 2002
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do you deny that he is the best crosser in game of football and the great free-kick taker? What? a player must know to dribble to be great? He is one of best players in history on his position IMO. I remember the first game against Monaco....he played DM all the time...and the first time he had a chance to cross the ball(he switched positions with Figo),he tooked the cross and Ronaldo scored the header(!). And RuudVanHorsehead said: "talk about David whatever you want....but when he was here; Ive scored 2Xmore". Now you......:D
I was talking about Macca, not Beckham. Beckham is a worldcalss right winger, I was just joking when I called him average. The rest of my previous post referred to Macca.

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Aug 1, 2003
you know if Beckham wasn't so overhyped I would have liked him. I did when it was the 96 season of MU when they won the double and so on... damn the marriage with Posh :groan: :D

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