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Apr 22, 2007
Continued where he left off from his excellent performance against Roma. Excellent on intercepting and mopping up for the defence. Played some nice passes to alleviate pressure when we were needing to breathe.


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Jun 1, 2012
Good game from him. Usually it would've been a competition between him and Bentancur as to who sucked harder on the day but today was a mature and professional performance from him.


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Jan 31, 2003
Story of his career...impresses in a deeper midfielder role but never wants to play it. His mummy must put it in his contract or something. Arthur the obvious choice if he can get his body right but right now rabiot is better than bentancur in that role. Hope pirlo starts him there.


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Apr 17, 2008
We really need one of Locatelli, Aouar or Pogba. Rabiot/ Bentancur will shine with one of them on the pitch.
Agreed. Locatelli is my pick from those three. Pogba will cost so, so much and I've been watching Aouar. He lacks something, that guy. Sadly, Locatelli's best position is Rabiot's best position.

Locatelli would be better at it though because he can create from deep. In fact, he can create from anywhere. He wants to help create chances. You don't get that vibe from Rabiot ever.

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