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Dec 13, 2002
Depends on who it is.

When Juve signed Buffon, Thuram and Nedved, I accepted them immediately cuz I knew players like that wouldn't fail.

When Juve signed Zambrotta, I accepted him immediately, cuz I had hoped that they would buy him for quite a while.

When Juve signed Camoranesi, I wanted him to prove himself, cuz I didn't know much about him.

When Juve signed Baiocco, I said: WTF!? Moggi's been smoking shit again... ;)


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Jul 27, 2002
When Juve signed Buffon, I accepted him immediately. I always wanted
him in Juve....

Thuram, just like Gigi

Nedved, I had my doubts about him, a LAZIO player :fero:.
Media didn't help either when many said that Juve are Crazy if they think nedved gonna be the one who takes over Zizous work. But now, my GOD!!!
what an genius this player is!!!

Camoranesi, as soon as I saw him play in juve he becamed one of my
fav. players... Thank god a new player that wanna do those extra moves,
but then the spring came, and the fuss with his contract, not showing up for the first training!!! I accept him and would like him to stay in juve, but lets hope he doesn't perform like last year, where he was 2 diff. type
of player!

Baiocco, was against it from day one!

Fresi, don't know what the hell he is doing!!! Born 1973 playing with
the Primavera team!???


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Apr 22, 2003
It really depends what you mean by acceptance. We haven't really signed any rival players, like Totti or... Totti, so there's no need to completely reject a player. We don't have any big heads in the team, so it's a bit worrying if we're gonna sign someone like Zlatan (not just because of the name :p)

When we sign new players, especially young ones who are kicking off their careers, I wish the best for them, and I really want them to do well at Juve. Some of my favourite Juve players at the moment are Appiah and Miccoli, I really want to see them putting in good performances for the team.


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May 22, 2003
my oppinion is quite the same as gray.

but,if someday Juve sign player, good great player, from a rival team, maybe i'll need a time to accept the player. not too long, cos the player no longer a rival but one of the squad.:D

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
i dunno i had a hard time looking at nedved in his free-role position.

id preferred strong wingplay as i always do, and watching him drift into the middle disappointed me especially since i thought my dreams came true when we bought him. im used to it now tho.

thuram i was all for. i loved the guy. buffon i was shocked. the way we disposed of VDS was disgraceful. and im still disappointed.

i reserved judgement on paramatti until i had seen him play. he wasnt for us but i liked him like i love underdogs.


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Dec 20, 2002
Van Der Sar was good but something seemed to have turned it off. The only game I watched which was 2 years ago, it was against Roma. We lead the game 2-0 but they equalised mainly because VDS wasn't able to handle the shots by Roma and they equalized through follow-ups.

The worst thing about is that right after the game, I had to rush to the train station to catch the next train to Roma. And I was there inside with mostly Romans and they were celebrating all-over the place. I remember being in one car which was quiet and I had a little chat with some fellow Bianconeris who were from Napoli. One of them was crying, it was his birthday and he thought that Juve would win.

It's great acutally to see different people, from different places, in a different land, bounded by being a Juve fan. It was bitte sweet!

But going back to the topic, I accept new signings immediately because I have great confidence in Moggi's decisions. But of course, if they've proven themselves useless in the Bianconceri shirt, I always wish that they would do better somewhere else.
Aug 1, 2003
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    i just find it hard to adjust with new ppl- not the ones like baiocco etc, but those who actually got to play in the first team.

    eg, when trez first came, pippo was benched, appiah came, davids was benched, i find it sometimes hard to settle with new players, they bring a new style.


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    Oct 31, 2003
    This year, Juve had a very good transfer campaign. We've come to expect no less for Moggi the guru himself. I wasn't at all surprised at the immediate impact that most of them have made. You could tell that these players ( Appiah, Legro, Miccoli etc.. ) would not flop because their personalities and characteristics are suited to Juve's playing style, which relies on work ethic and sheer determination. You guys that play CM4 know what I'm talking about :)


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    Nov 10, 2003
    Actually, I love all of new players (if they have nice history & good background), I think VDS don't understand italian...he pretty good in WC 98, quite sad he not good in juve:down:


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    Jun 3, 2003
    Well i used to hate buffon before he came to Juve. And hated him even more in the first few games. i wondered what moggi and co were thinkin, splashing so much cash on this good for nuthing keepr. But after the world cup i thot he played well and was maturing in to a better player. And gradually started to like him. Before which i hated him whole heartedly. Thought toldo was way way better. :rolleyes:

    So bottomline. i guess when u hate a player and he comes to ur fave team (juve\buffon in this case), u tend to show a lot more patience and gradually come to accept him.


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    Mar 6, 2003
    I accepted divaio with open armas since the day i entered in the official juve site and i saw his deal complted :angel:

    I was so so so dissapointed after the zidane´s deal... but when i heard the word "NEDVED" i relaxed a lot.

    Thuram and Buff were very very good signings too.

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