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Jul 30, 2004
Dou you think that our first rival for the title is in crisis?I think that.With all their players 2-2 with Livorno and 0-1 win over shaktior with a goal in 85.Let's take advantage of this and increase our difference in serie a

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Jul 12, 2002
Dude, They got a point against Livorno playing in 10 men for over 81 minutes, and followed that up with with a CL victory on the road in Ukraine. I think Milan is fine, as early season form is nothing to go on.


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Jul 14, 2002
A crisis? No way. They managed a draw against Livorno even though they were at a numerical disadvantage, and got three points away to Shaktar in the CL. They can do better, but they haven't done poorly.


Sep 23, 2003
As a juventino, I would kill if all our crises could only be something like Milan's "crisis" has right now. :dielaugh:


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Apr 22, 2003
Shakhtar isn't as weak a team as you suggest. They're a hard-working outfit that's not easy to break down at home. An away win in the Champions League is no mean feat, and drawing after having your keeper sent off 10 minutes into the match is no disgrace either, Livorno or not


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Jul 28, 2003
enough said about milan's "crisis"..!!

but, the one who's really in crisis is:

VIERI..!!!! don't you think BFC82..?? welcome back by the way.. :)


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Sep 16, 2003
Yes, they are absolutely in crisis.

To play 10 men down and only get a tie, and then go on the road to Ukraine and get a win, they are certainly doomed.

And their utter lack of talent and quality depth is quite appaling.

Kaka, Sheva, Seedorf, Madini, Stam, Nesta, Cafu, Dida, Inzaghi, Costa, Tomasson, Crespo, Costacurta, Gattuso, Pirlo.

Certainly they will be in a dogfight to avoid relegation this year.

Let us all celebrate and revel in what is sure to be the Mighty A.C. Milan's downfall.

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