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Jun 4, 2003
This is a very important day for me, considering that I'm reaching my 5000th post. I can't tell you more fluffy stuff I'm afraid,
because I'm too nervous, so I'm going to jump directly to the dedication thing :D

Martin ... I'm just :touched:. I'm afraid I'm going to write silly things, so I'd better just thank you for the wonderful
idea of making these forums and of sustaining them. Hard work, and I appreciate your efforts, Mr.Prezident. Due to you, I began
to understand that I actually like many Romanian players ;)

Nina ... Very kind of you to moderate the Hablas espanol thread, one of my favourites, and to help me anyhow with
informations and stuff. Thank you, you are great :)

Erik ... I'm beggining to cry. Thank you for : trying to teach me Dutch, you are an excellent teacher and I'm grateful
for that ; making me know Clouseau, now one of my favourite bands ; being always there when I needed an advice or a
good opinion about anything related to Holland, team or country ; being yourself, even if you weren't answering my PM at time (
I know, I know, my mythical impatience). Dank u

Tom ... Thank you for being the first member of this forum to write me a PM back :p ; for your advice in techno and
trance and the useful links ; for the unique conversations and observations which I won't forget so easily :scared:

Anders ... Too many things to thank you for. For being kind when I did not expected you to be, for sharing the fact
that we both are accident prones, for your wonderful multimedia, for the unique convos, for the official title of Wankerqueen
of Wankerville
(I love it) ... for everything :touched: Tak (Anders And) ;)

Arturo ... For all the convos we had, for the passion we share for metal, for listening me, for understanding me, for
accepting my horrible Spanish :LOL: Gracias con toda mi alma

Beto ... Gracias para todo que hiciste por mijo, para entenderme y escucharme, para confiarme y para que estas uno de
los mejores amigos que yo ho tenido.

Fabiana ... Hermanita ;). You know that I couldn't survive on the Spanish forums without you. We share the same huge
admiration for Davids :excited: and I'll buy that Banana skirt one day :D

Silvia ... aka Silvinha :p. For being a great pal and for sharing the Pirates of the Caribbean thing ;)

Esteban ... Because he is always trying to understand my poor Spanish and because he is such a romantic soul ;)

Aniko ... More comments would be too much. You know what I owe you and I wanna thank you for all the great moments
we had, in the forums, MSNs, letters, phones and so so so on.

Suzanne ... you and Edgar Davids (the real one :D ) know better why I owe you a lot. Thank you very much.

Elke ... For being a great friend, for innitiating the Dutch thread ;), for your unique lists and so on. Dank u

Daniela ... I can't wait until you'll be among us again, to tell you again what I owe you. Grazie mille

Carl ... Thank you for making me discover Ebba Gron, for the PM, for the lovely chat and letter, for your flair and
special kind of being and acting.

Stuart ... Hehe. For innitiating (with lots of guts) the French League thread, thank you again, I promise to take
care of that while you'll be missing, and for being a great pal ;)

Ana ... Just thank you. And you'll know what for.

Zlatan and Mohamed ... Thank you for helping me with the avatars and stuff and for being there to tell me your
advice whenever I asked you :)

John ... I miss you man, damn those exams and come back. You are the only Dune lover and knower around. Not to mention Irish drinks ;).

Lilianna ... Come back, you little devil :). Are you stuck in those Jugoslavian lands or what ?! ;)

DJ ... As I'm looking over the forums now, you seem to be back. This would be great, really, I missed our talks.

You are too many :D. Thanks to : Oded, DaJuve, Josy, Yoli, dpforever ;), Colin, Ivy aka Sunshine, Reem, Majed :D, Ian,
Torkel, Kiran, Glen aka Zizou
and all the others which I'm forgetting due to my sleepiness :D

Special thanks to :

Tom and Erik : You are like twin brothers separated at birth, you crazy people. Thank you for my laughters, and for
my enlarging music list.

Erik and Anders : WANKERS :heart:

Anders and Arturo (with an optional DJ around) : :LOL: :wallbang: and so on

Vitoria ... Too many things to thank you for. We just met, so I won't write too much though. Thank you for being on
the same wave lenght with me, just quoted you. Never leave again, my dear. I couldn't bear :touched:

I :heart: you all, people (shut up, Tom :D ). I'm having the time of my life among you !!!


PS : For the same Anders - Answer the PM in time !!! Write a damn postcard :LOL: !!!

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Jul 17, 2002
A 5-Star :star: congrats to you Iulia :)
to think that you made 5000 posts in just 4 months is incredible!!
might even be a forum record!

thanks for the mention :)


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Jun 4, 2003
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    I mean, first 'welcome' was for Martin, the second is for you, Majed, thank you. I don't know if I established a record, certainly that wasn't my intention :D


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    Jul 16, 2003
    :party: :extatic: :party: :extatic:


    congratulations Iulia :cheesy:

    Cheers and i wish u many more happy posts to come :) :kiss:

    And thank u for mentioning me, i'm very :touched:


    Jul 15, 2002
    Thanks Blood. At this rate be preapred to write a thousand more dedications. You are a brilliant addition to this forum. :)


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    Sep 1, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by BloodOnMoral ] ++
    Silvia ... aka Silvinha :p. For being a great pal and for sharing the Pirates of the Caribbean thing ;)
    :irritate: I see that you haven't forgotten about that name Silvinha. hehe;) It doesn't matter if you still want to call me that, I guess that I have no choice. ;)
    Anyway,:star: Congratulations Iulia!!!! :star: :thumb: It's been awesome having you here with us, specially in the spanish thread:D and thanks for the mention!:)


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    Sep 1, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by BloodOnMoral ] ++
    Thank you very much for your congrats, Silvia :).

    What on Earth are you doing awake at this hour ?! :eek:
    well, since it's summer and it's almost ending I'm making sure I enjoy every single last minute of my summer.;) and also I'm not sleepy, I've gotten used to going to bed really late this summer.:D But don't worry I won't be here for long, I'm leaving now.:D

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