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Apr 3, 2003
it was agallery in our school and some pupils made their one pieces of art from anything they wanted...
i took a picture from my favourite one....
it's from coloured pensiles and i was veeery impressed when i first saw it...

and guys...i would very much like to hear your opinion on this....


Doctor Asma
Oct 21, 2003
nice one lil'...it loox like 2 eyes,one up and one down,this my opinion as an expert in arts;)


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Jan 9, 2004
i think the second one looks more like a tear .... only going in a different direction ......

anyway, i wanted to do this last night but didn't have time so here it goes
i'm not really that big into art but i love ceramics .... i only got to take one class so far but i think i was pretty good at that
here is a piece i'm proud of
it's a little abstract and makes a great piggy bank :)

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