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    [Serie A] Fiorentina 0-0 JUVENTUS [September 14th, 2019]

    Should we expect Ronaldo and Bonucci to start rather than being rested for Atletico?
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    [Serie A] Parma 0-1 JUVENTUS [August 24th, 2019]

    Will Chiellini start alongside Bonucci or we'll get to see De Ligt/Demiral?
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    Fabio Paratici

    Unbelievable what this DS is doing. What drives me crazy is that with all the fans pretty much disagreeing with those deals, no one from the club said anything about Dybala. No justifications whatsoever. We were pissed with him letting Kean and Cancelo go but now Dybala is the icing on the cake.
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    [ICC] JUVENTUS 2-3 Tottenham [July 21st, 2019]

    I really hope Sarri plays Ronaldo as a centre forward rather than a winger. He's much more deadly in that position nowadays.
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Paulino Dybala :D
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    As a Brazilian, I hope we don't get Neymar. Not sure if he'd fit to Serie A and besides that our team is pretty complete so far.I'd rather bet on Paulino now that we have Sarri.
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    Matthijs de Ligt

    Lets goooo
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    Adrien Rabiot

    This guy knows whatsup
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    Please elaborate. That's why we're here :)
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    Summer Mercato Thread 2019-20

    To me the ideal scenario would be to sell Sandro to PSG or Chelsea, keep Spina and bring Pellegrini to develop with us.
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    Leonardo Spinazzola

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    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-2 Ajax [April 16th, 2019]

    We desperately need new midfielders and defenders. But again, we all knew that way before today's game
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    [CL] Ajax 1-1 JUVENTUS [April 10th, 2019]

    Is it confirmed that Chiellini will miss both the UCL games?
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    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    Very similar to last season's. I love it.