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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Bday @Sheik Yerbouti Have a great day Bro!!!!!!
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    Champions League 2018/19

    Hoping to draw either Ajax or PSV:nico:
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    :sergio: Zach still busy it seems..
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    Europa League 2017/18

    Because they beated a crap team with 6-0? Confident are you now? Let them first beat a real team. Alot of top teams will end 3th in the CL group.
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    Leonardo Bonucci

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    What Are You Doing Right Now?

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    Other Leagues 2017/18

    Brate, did not read at all :disagree:
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    Other Leagues 2017/18

    They will wake him up today. No signs of damage to his heart nor brains so far. Hope he will be alright, amazing talented player.
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    Missing Members

    Present ;)
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    Euro 2016 General Discussion Thread

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    Belgium bombings 22-Mar-2016

    First Ankara now this.....
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    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Subway station also right?